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Physiotherapist in Narowal: Dr. Salman Akbar

Dr. Salman Akbar Physiotherapist in narowal practicing at physiohood, offering services of physiotherapy care in Narowal.

Location: CH Sarwar Hospital,Narowal

Timing: 10 am to 6 pm (MON-SAT)

Contact Number: 03144527058

Dr. Salman Akbar physiotherapist in Narowal.

Education and Expertise:

Dr. Salman Akbar holds a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from the esteemed University of Lahore, showcasing a solid academic foundation and a deep understanding of physiotherapeutic principles. His expertise lies in manual therapy, where he employs hands-on techniques to address various musculoskeletal issues, providing our clients with tailored and comprehensive rehabilitation solutions.

Specialization in Sports-Related Injuries:

Our clinic takes pride in its specialization in sports-related injuries, with Dr. Akbar at the helm. His in-depth knowledge of biomechanics and the intricacies of sports-related stress on the body positions our clinic as a go-to destination for athletes and sports enthusiasts seeking optimal recovery and performance enhancement.

Comprehensive and Personalized Care:

At Dr. Salman Akbar Physiotherapy Clinic, we prioritize a patient-centric approach. Dr. Akbar takes the time to understand each individual’s unique concerns, crafting personalized rehabilitation plans that address specific needs and goals. Our commitment to comprehensive care extends beyond mere symptom management, aiming for long-term wellness and improved quality of life. We are also offering physiotherapy home visits in Lahore and Narowal.

Cutting-Edge Practices:

Dr. Salman Akbar is dedicated to staying at the forefront of physiotherapeutic advancements. Our clinic embraces evidence-based methodologies and incorporates the latest research findings into our practice. By doing so, we ensure that our clients benefit from state-of-the-art treatments and the most effective rehabilitation techniques available.

Client Testimonials:

Our clientele in Narowal recognizes Dr. Salman Akbar as a trusted and proficient physiotherapist. The positive feedback we receive speaks to the efficacy of our services and the compassionate care provided at our clinic.

Contact Us for physiotherapist in Narowal:

If you are seeking top-tier physiotherapy services in Narowal, Dr. Salman Akbar Physiotherapy Clinic is your destination. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the difference that expert, personalized care can make in your journey to recovery and well-being.

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