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The Struggles of being a female Physiotherapist in Pakistan

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Pakistan is a country with a rich history and culture. However, it is also a country where women face many challenges, including in the workplace. This is especially true for female physiotherapists, who often have to overcome discrimination and prejudice in order to succeed in their physiotherapy career.

Being a physiotherapist is a challenging but rewarding career. However, for female physiotherapists, there are additional challenges that they face on a daily basis. These challenges can range from sexism and discrimination to lack of opportunities and support.


  • Sexism and discrimination: Female physiotherapists often face sexism and discrimination in the workplace. They may be paid less than their male counterparts, be given less challenging assignments, or be passed over for promotions. They may also be subjected to harassment and other forms of discrimination.
  • Social stigma: There is still a social stigma attached to women working outside the home in Pakistan. This can make it difficult for female physiotherapists to find jobs, and it can also make it difficult for them to be taken seriously by their patients.
  • Lack of opportunities: Female physiotherapists may also face a lack of opportunities in the field. There are fewer female physiotherapists in leadership positions, and they may be excluded from networking opportunities and other professional development opportunities.
  • Lack of support: Female physiotherapists may also lack support from their colleagues and supervisors. They may be made to feel like they don’t belong in the field, or they may be given less support than their male counterparts.

Impact of these challenges

The challenges that female physiotherapists face can have a significant impact on their careers. They may experience stress, anxiety, and burnout. They may also be less likely to advance in their careers or to be promoted.

Despite these challenges, female physiotherapists in Pakistan are making significant contributions to the field of physiotherapy. They are providing much-needed care to patients, and they are also helping to break down gender stereotypes..

How to overcome these challenges?

There are a number of things that female physiotherapists can do to overcome the challenges that they face. These include:

  • Networking: Networking with other female physiotherapists can help to build support and solidarity. It can also help to connect female physiotherapists with opportunities and resources.
  • Advocating for themselves: Female physiotherapists need to be willing to advocate for themselves and their rights. This means speaking up against sexism and discrimination, and demanding equal opportunities.
  • Seeking support: Female physiotherapists who are struggling should seek support from their colleagues, supervisors, or a therapist. They can also join support groups or online forums for female physiotherapists.


The challenges that female physiotherapists are facing in Pakistan are real and significant. However, there are things that they can do to overcome these challenges and to succeed in their careers. By networking, advocating for themselves, and seeking support, female physiotherapists can create a more equitable and supportive environment for themselves and for other female physiotherapists.

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