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What to Wear to Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is an important part of recovery from injuries, surgeries and chronic conditions. But what should you wear to your physical therapy sessions?

Here are some tips for choosing the right attire:

  • Comfort is key. You’ll be doing a lot of moving and exercising so you want to wear clothing that is comfortable and allows you to move freely.
  • Choose loose-fitting clothing. Tight clothing can restrict your movement and make it difficult to do your exercises.
  • Wear clothing that is made of breathable fabric. This will help you stay cool and comfortable during your session.
  • Consider the treatment area. If you are receiving therapy for an injury to your leg, knee or ankle you may want to wear shorts or pants that can be easily rolled up.
  • Wear supportive shoes. Shoes with good arch support and cushioning can help prevent injuries.
  • Dress for modesty. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of changing into therapy attire consider wearing clothing that provides adequate coverage while allowing for movement.

It’s also a good idea to communicate with your physical therapist about what to wear. They can give you specific recommendations based on your condition and treatment plan.

Here are some examples of appropriate clothing for physical therapy:

  • Loose fitting shorts or pants
  • T-shirts or tank tops
  • Yoga pants or sweatpants
  • Athletic shoes
  • Sports bra

Here are some examples of inappropriate clothing for physical therapy:

  • Tight fitting clothing
  • Clothing with too many buttons or zippers
  • Clothing that is not breathable
  • Open toed shoes or sandals

By following these tips, you can choose the right clothing to wear to your physical therapy sessions and make the most of your treatment.

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